09/15/2006 - 8:19 p.m.


FogieKnight and Day are very good at keeping secrets. Occasionally, this ability worries me. Happily, they usually use their powers for good and not for evil. Today I discovered one of their secrets but it was okay with them. It was time for me to know. I am getting an award from my office. It's membership in a society that recognizes my community service and given in recognition of the staff who spend much of their free time working with children. Maybe it's silly but I was very happy to discover that people notice what I do.

The message was in my work email when I opened it up this morning. What a nice way to great the morning. It was early, before anyone else was there, so I had to call FogieKnight with my excitement—and discovered he already knew. The person who nominated me had called him a while ago to check information. He was glad to know I'd gotten it but was not really surprised.

The conversation cleared up a mystery for me. It wasn't much of a mystery. In fact, until it was cleared up, I hadn't given it much of a thought. A month or so ago, I thought FogieKnight had told me that he was not going this year to the conference my agency puts on every year. More recently, he was talking as though he were going on Thursday but not Friday. The not-Friday part was not a mystery. He has court. As for the Thursday thing, I thought I was remembering wrong or that he had changed his mind. Today, I understood. He did change his mind. He changed it after he learned about the granting of the award.

After work and after I picked up Day from her after-school activity (which consists of being a director's assistant for the fall play), I told Day I was getting an award. She didn't say congratulations right away. She just grinned and said, "I knew about that" or something like that. Then her secret came tumbling out. All that accurate information that they had, Day had been the one who managed to confirm it. I don't really remember but she managed somehow to mention her volunteering and got me to list all of mine. That child is sneaky wonderful.

So, yesterday, I should have been singing like Annie. The sun was hiding behind that cloud the whole time. And today is yesterday's tomorrow. And I'm trite but I don't care. I'm happy.

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