05/13/2006 - 11:12 a.m.


So much for the wonderfully happy story of the mating of polar bear and grizzly. Serious differences remain here, folks. Serious differences. FogieKnight thinks I'm blessed. I think I'm cursed. And therein lies the difference.

Later today we are going up to Sheboygan with Day so that Day can spend some time with her boyfriend. Sheboygan is just far enough that it seems a bit daunting for a driver who just got her license so we agreed to take her. Sheboygan, which is on Lake Michigan, is not a bad place to hang out in good weather. Our plans called for us to drop off Day and then, just the two of us, romantically wander the harbor and town.

But, unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating. I am not sure whether this part of Wisconsin is trying out to play the part of Seattle in some upcoming production or whether the part it is going for is Noah's backyard, but it is wet….and windy….and cold and it has been for days. Blue water, blue sky are but a dream. Gray is the color of this moment and, according to the meteorologist, of all the days in the foreseeable future. When we were younger, we might have deluded ourselves into thinking that wandering the harbor in the rain and cold was romantic but we are older and wiser now (or at least I am.

So we had to start looking for other things to do. I checked movies but the choice was bad and the only acceptable movie was at the wrong time altogether. We checked and Sheboygan does have a bowling alley but, much as we like bowling, the alleys tend to be smoky so we were hesitant. The internet suggested that there was a very nice coffee shop and, with a book and a deck of cards, that coffee shop seemed a possibility especially after FogieKnight noted that we also could linger and talk.

I dutifully looked up the addresses of all of the viable possibilities. I checked for directions and began printing them out while FogieKnight showered and got dressed. Everything seemed fine---if a little waterlogged.

And then it happened. Disaster, at least from my perspective. Because, while I thought FogieKnight was safely in the bathroom taking his shower, he was perusing "Linn's," a stamp newspaper. It seems that Sheboygan has only one stamp show a year. Only one. And---yes, you guessed it---the stamp show is today.

I saw the gleam in his eye. I know that gleam. He's off and dreaming of stamps yet unseen. He's scheming about distributing fliers for the stamp show he runs in June. His true mental mistress has taken over. She's grabbed his soul.

I will be going to a stamp show this afternoon in Sheboygan—although FogieKnight promises it will not be for long and that we'll try the coffee shop afterward. It's the curse of the stamp people. I truly am cursed.

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