01/05/2007 - 4:50 p.m.


It's Day One of what should be eight or nine days of office exile. The subflooring in my office has to be replaced. There is no place to move items except to other areas of the office so both the area actually being replaced and the other areas are unusable. We were given directions to do road trips and find other places to work from. I was working from home today. In recent years, I've worked from home from time-to-time but always when the activities I needed to do were particularly suited to the lack of interruption I can get at home. I don't think I'm particularly suited to working from home for long periods of time.

It surprises me how isolated I feel when I'm not the one who picked isolation. I couldn't just chat with someone when I needed a quick break. The phone did not ring except for a sales call. I had lunch with me, myself, and I. Where is everyone?

I got done what I planned to get done. It was not as easy as it is at work. I prefer using law books to online databases of cases. I prefer our laser printer to the home inkjet printer. I prefer having a secretary to change toner but I had to change the ink myself. I couldn't make the copies I needed. We have a small copier but it is good for a few copies at a time. I'll have to go to Kinko's later. I could go down to our trial office but I'd have to pay more for parking than I would for just making the copies. Isn't it nice that I am subsidizing the state? And they (the ubiquitous they) say state employees don't care and just suck the taxpayers' money.

I did get to sleep in a little bit but I paid for that, sort of. Day is usually organized but apparently today was not an organized day. If I had gotten up with her, I would have asked her if she had her dance shoes for rehearsal after school. She would have insisted that she did and that I simply had no faith in her or, depending on the day, she would have grunted but she would have had her shoes, either because she remembered them (the usual) or because I reminded her (from time to time.) I did not get up. FogieKnight did. I did not warn him about the shoes. He did not ask about the shoes. So guess what grumbling mother took the shoes over to the school? Yep, Ms. Mommy Pushover. I planned to grumble to Day but she was smart. I didn't raise a fool. She sent a friend out to get the shoes, supposedly because she did not want to go out in the parking lot with no shoes. But I know she had clogs. She could have slipped them on. She didn't. Wise girl. I actually was laughing on the way home.

Well, Day One is past. I have the weekend and then Day Two. I think I need to make lunch plans. I'll get the hang of thisójust in time to return to the office.

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