09/20/2006 - 8:19 p.m.


Occasionally, someone elseís misfortune turns out to be my good fortune. I used to feel really badly about it but, assuming the other personís misfortune is not very great, Iíve learned to relax about it (which is good because there should be at least one thing I relax about.) Today, it was Dayís bad fortune that turned out to be my good fortuneóbut things are looking up for her too.

Day has had the crud since Sunday night although, to watch her go through her over-programmed schedule, youíd never know it. Something was bound to give eventually. So I was not very surprised when I came out of the shower this morning and she was telling FogieKnight that she could not go to school because her throat was just too sore. He told her to go back to bed and weíd work it out.

FogieKnight was home for the beginning of the morning. He had a doctorís appointment himself around 10:00 or so. I went in to work and was there before 7:00. I had a client call at 8:30 and then figured that I would call the pediatrician and arrange to bring Day in for a strep test. (At least according to the fast test, she does not have strep. My client was not available at 8:30 so I ended up calling the pediatrician first. The nurse told me to bring Day in at 10:00 for the test so I finished speaking with my client and packed up some files to bring home.

What followed, after the doctorís appointment, was the relaxed type of day that I have not had in a long time. For once, I went with the flow. I got some work done but I also watched a dance movie with Day. It was slower paced than my life has been of late. I got enough done not to panic about work and little enough done to enjoy it. It was serendipity---of a type.

And so I owe a thank you to the crud---but the crud better keep its distance. Iíll change my mind quickly if Day decides to share.

Thank you, crud. Now leave and donít come back.

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