04/29/2006 - 2:23 p.m.


How many adults does it take to unscrew a light bulb? No, seriously, how many adults does it take to unscrew a light bulb. Around here last night, the answer was three. One to get frustrated and spray it with silicon. One to get it to loosen just a little. One to get it to loosen a little bit more and then the first to get the stubborn thing out. If there had been any more adults involved, the last one would have been an electrician.

So, last down here in Phoenix, wearing work gloves in case the bulb broke, standing on a step stool, and using my left hand (because the location of the bulb made using the right impossible), I became part of a bad joke. The joke would have been worse only if we had not eventually gotten the light bulb out. Part of the problem would have been that it was the beginning of the weekend. Such minor household crises involving a need for workmen always happen at the beginning of a weekend. I think, ?Thou shalt break on a weekend,? is one of the ten commandments given by the various creators of appliances to creators at their creation, although perhaps the commandment is more properly translated as ?Thou shalt break at the most inconvenient times.?

But the light bulb did decide to cooperate at the last minute and the light in the pantry at my parents? house is back on. Life is sweet---literally. I can see to get at the chocolate. The chocolate, I suppose, can also see me coming but, as it has no legs, I need not care.

When light bulbs are your biggest crisis, life is good. And life has been good down here. My parents look very good and seem to be in fairly good shape. The weather is gorgeous and I took a walk with Dad this afternoon. All in all, things are fine.

And now, thanks to teamwork, I have a place I can walk into where a light will go on. Yay, team!

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