01/10/2007 - 5:54 p.m.


In the continuing saga of my life, this episode is the one in which I discover that my life in exile has been largely for naught. I was in the office very briefly to pick up my mail and I now know what they are really doing. They decided it was too expensive to fix the subfloor. All they are doing is putting new carpeting in but, this time, they are gluing it to the floor below.

We also have discovered what is below. There is a capped gas line, where the cap is above the floor level. There are unused pipes which are a bit higher than the floor level. There are obsolete wire boxes, although they are planning on taking those out and, most likely, leaving the hole. In one area, the under-floor goes from wood to tile. They have already carpeted over that area. That's the area that the secretaries and boss said was a "bubble." That area supposedly will be re-done but the contractor is angry about it.

We had two criteria for this job: (1) no places to trip on and (2) level areas for the bookshelves so they are not in danger of falling over. It will take a miracle to achieve either of them.

Oh, yes, and I almost forgot. The new carpet is much uglier on the floor than it was in the swatch. It's gray and institutional.

Ugly and not fully functional. What an improvement!

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