01/07/2007 - 10:40 a.m.


I have a lot of craft supplies in my basement. They are left over from my days as a girl scout leader and as a Sunday School teacher. They are left over from various school projects. They are left over from various just-because projects. I sent some to my niece who loves art. I gave some away to friends' children. I contemplated giving some away to camps or day cares but I had not gotten around to it yet. I'm glad I didn't. Apparently projects are back in style—which explains the Trojan horse in my kitchen.

Why a Trojan horse? Why, in particular, a Trojan horse made from cardboard tubes, popsicle sticks, glue and a bit of yarn? Well, it's Latin end-of-the-semester extra credit time and we never do small projects around here. Why a Greek Trojan horse for Latin? Well, blame the Aenied for that one. (Might as well add to what Day blames the Aenied for. Her list already includes aggravation, irritation, and general annoyance.)

FogieKnight and Day worked on this project. They love engineering projects. They like deciding whether a pill container will work for the understructure of the head or whether it will be too heavy. (They opted for "too heavy.") FogieKnight likes the tool issues. How do you cut the popsicle sticks straight without a miter box? You create a small miter box from a block of wood, popsicle sticks, and wire nails. Making a project before we make the actual project is very us.

Sure, the project gets bigger and bigger sometimes. Sure, the requirements seem to get more exacting as they go along sometimes. Sure, they sometimes need more supplies: more tubes, more popsicle sticks, more glue.

But when they say "Mission Accomplished," it is.

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